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Mixers and mixing equipment

Industrial mixers of RKG-00-B
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IKA TURBOTRON® RKG-00-Bo ATEX - the powerful mixer of an explosion-proof design with a mechanical control intended for laboratories, experimental stations and small-scale production. It is used for processing of fluid mixes of small or average viscosity in open capacities. Depending on requirements...
Group: Mixers industrial
Industrial mixers of ROTOTRON
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IKA ROTOTRON® RT is the universal mixer of napravlenno-jet action intended for homogenization, dispergating, a suspendirovaniye, emulsification, aeration, dissolution and acceleration of heat exchange. On the effectiveness this mixer takes a position between traditional mixers and cars with a rotor...
Group: Mixers industrial
Industrial mixers of TURBOTRON
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TURBOTRON® cars - the mixing devices, classical, available at the price, intended for the most various problems of mixing. These cars are used most often for acceleration of processes of dissolution, heat exchange in the environment, and also simple mixing of powders with a liquid phase.TURBOTRON®...
Group: Mixers industrial
Mixer CM
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The conic IKA mixer type CM carries out the effective and sparing mixing of loose substances. The conic mixer is suitable for mixing of any loose substances, including products with the differing density of filling and the sizes of particles.Mixing is made by means of a special spiral mixer. Thanks...
Group: Intensive mixers
MHD mixer (continuous process)
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The patented IKA MHD system (Mixing / Mixing, Homogenization / Homogenising, Dispergating / Dispersing) is intended 2000 for mixing of solid substances (powders, granules) and liquids. The system is used mainly in continuous process. The MHD car is ideally suited for processes which have to satisfy...
Group: Continuous mixers
Supports for mixers and to dispergators
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Mobile supports: SFH, SFAEWall supports: SWH, SWAEFloor supports: SBH, SBAESupports of IKA are a practical addition to mixers of IKA and dispergators of ULTRA-TURRAX® UTC or UTS. IKA makes the mobile supports used with the capacities attached to a floor and also floor and wall supports for the...
Group: Mixers industrial


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