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Equipment for the fat-extraction

FibreTherm – definition of AdF-, NdF-and crude cellulose
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The FibreBag technology developed by the C.Gerhardt company establishes new basis of the classical analysis of cellulose on Vendera.FibreBag – highly exact filtrational packagesDefinition of cellular structure of substances according to van Sest is carried out extremely simply. In comparison with a...
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Automatic systems for fast extraction - Soxtherm
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Modern management of laboratoryThe C.Gerhardt company for decades makes unsurpassed systems for fast extraction for any laboratory in every spot on the globe. The line of Soxtherm devices is not only modern equipment, but also a possibility of unlimited modernization of devices in the future.The...
Group: Equipment for the fat-extraction
Devices for extraction
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EV 14 or EV 16 heaters on 4 or 6 extraction positions for flasks of 250 - 500 ml, on the basis of a classical method of Sokslet. Are delivered with systems of air cooling (the top forms inserts of an air oven) supporting by bars (600 mm x 12 mm) and a network cable. Are not included in...
Group: Equipment for the fat-extraction


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